Jimmy Muskrat has been chosen to carry the 200-year-old Bible that was once held by Jason Lee in the 1800s. Jason Lee carried the book to the Native Americans in the Oregon area. They were killing each other and also killing the white man. The testimony is, that when he brought the Bible in, the Spirit of God moved, their hearts melted and they laid their weapons down. The Bible brought a great revival. They called the Bible, The Book of Heaven.

Jimmy and his team have a mission to carry this Bible, the Book of Heaven, to all tribes and people, sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. They have already traveled over 70,000 miles, sometimes sleeping in their van along the way or wherever they are invited. They will continue to take it forth and God has said that the Bible will melt hearts wherever it goes.

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.