Brandi Castillo

Brandi Castillo and her husband, Alex, (aka Worship Rebels) are co-worship leaders who’ve traveled across Turtle Island and the world to sing songs that release the ancient sound of YHWH for today in the earth. Based out of Savannah, GA, they have been leading worship together for over 20 years.

In 2016, Creator radically shifted their trajectory to align with that of First Nations when He awakened the native identity (Arawak Taino) within Alex and began to open doors for them and their two boys (Eli and Ethan) to take their song as a family to reservations and native gatherings across Canada and the United States.

In 2018, by the favor of God, Brandi resigned from her full-time job, they shifted the kids to homeschool, and together their family stepped out on the fresh wind of the Spirit that was blowing them to the nations.

They’ve been riding that wind since. Although Brandi doesn’t yet know the details of her own bloodline, and questioned early on how she fit into this new script God was writing them into based on Alex’s native identity, Holy Spirit quickly and graciously personalized Ezekial 47:22 for her, and not only did He confirm His permission for her to stand “as native born” with Alex in this, but He commissioned her to do so. She gave her humble YES to Papa’s tender invitation to stand with First Nations and to engage her faith on behalf of her family to go wherever He said they could go. As they’ve partnered with Holy Spirit and the family of God in prophetic assignments and holy experiments across the land, He has taken them to walk out things with Him that they never imagined.

In August 2022, God miraculously prepared the way for Alex and Brandi to travel to Belfast, Ireland to collaborate with friend and mentor, Brian Houston of Stoney Road Studios, whom they met on a small Cree reservation in Quebec (Mistissinni) in 2017, and to record the songs Creator had given them along this new path. The album, named after the title song, Great Chief Mountain, was just released in March 2023 and is a tremendous testament to kingdom collaboration. Their heart was to bring the indigenous sounds of Native America and Ireland together in a holy fusion experiment that would call forth the warriors of today and honor the warriors who’ve gone before.

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