Dorothea Branch

I was born Dorotha Odett Scott in Louisa County Virginia to parents Edmond Leroy and Mamie Ruth Scott. I am the oldest of five children; four born to my parents and a half-sister of my father’s. I am the mother of one son: Jordan Christopher Branch.

Growing up, I was always the why child, lol! I wanted to know the details to everything told to me and not the just because. Example: I used to hate my name because my sisters and brother, so I thought, have beautiful sounding names. I threatened to change my name when I turned 18 until One day, my mom sat me down and explained to me why she gave me that name. (Dorothea); means God’s gift and (Odett) means; wealthy and rich. I cried with remorse, for my threats but my heart leaped for joy at the fact that my mom loved me so much, she would give me such a name and instantly, I feel in love with the name she had given me.

I currently work as a Hospice Volunteer Coordinator. I recruit and train volunteers to provide a verity of free services to our hospice patients.

During elementary school, a family moved just down the road from us. They were the Jones’. They had two daughters. Lori Ann and Sharon (Petey). Lori and I became immediate best friends! We were like sisters and are sisters in Christ. We did everything together. To this day, Lori still thinks she’s my big sister because she was born a few days before me. LOL!

Through the year and life changes, God has groomed, purged, cleansed and most of all loved me through every hurdle life has thrown my way. I am truly in aww of God’s glory. I may not have seen all of the wealth and riches in the natural but because of what was spoken over and into my life from the day I was born, I know that I am a gift because I am a child of God and I know I am rich and wealthy because the gift of salvation I received many years ago. PRAISE GOD!!