Francine Tointigh O’brien

Francine Tointigh O’Brien is a full blood Kiowa-Apache Native, originally from Oklahoma but now resides in Easton, MO. She has been married to Tim O’Brien for 39 years and has two adult children and three grandchildren.

She began her journey with the Lord in September of 1978. Prayer and intercession became her passion. After many years of prayer and after the deaths of a brother and a sister to addictions, the Lord said, “It’s time to activate what you’ve been praying for.” In 2009, she took a team of friends and helped Native American pastors. The projects were mainly construction related, but through the years after, we served the people in many different ways. In 2015, she took a team of skilled and gifted women to work with children doing VBS at several Native American churches. In 2019, 70 children came to Christ. We will continue to go every summer because the harvest is ready!