Kathryn Yarbrough

Kathryn Yarbrough along with her husband Keith, take territory in building altars  of worship as psalmists in strategic places in the land. Commissioned from Global Spheres International, they are sent out messengers to bring heaven to earth.

Last year, for their current assignment, they moved into apartments in the renovated federal courthouse in Dallas, Tx.  In the courtroom where Roe v Wade was first decided, they gather with others to worship weekly in the courtroom and decree life over death.

Even though they celebrate the overturning of RvW, they still are on assignment to prophecy in the heart of Dallas in what  has now been turned into a Kingdom Courtroom. Prophetically , as a place where judgment has been rendered for man and now as the Ekklesia from heaven, their thematic song is:

“Give thanks to the Lord,
For He is Good,
And His mercy endures forever”.

Vision in days ahead include planting an Apostolic Hub where the lost, broken, and scattered are welcome to come and advance in their God given identities. 

Formerly an orphan, Kathryn helps others overcome trauma and evil with good. A steward of the wisdom of heaven, she  serves others as a creative consultant and multi faceted leader in ministry and the marketplace.

As a peacemaker and sharing the testimonies of Jesus, 
Kathryn desires to multiply the kingdom of God.