Koreena Velazquez

Koreena was born in Lawton, Oklahoma and comes from a rich lineage of Native American ministers and singers. She walks in the legacy set before her and is an ordained Pastor who also functions in the office of a Prophet. She is a powerful woman of God who speaks and sings truth with Godly humility and love. Koreena studied at Christ For the Nations Institute, where her relationship with Jesus was firmly established. Senior Pastors Jesus and Koreena believe in training God’s people on a Biblical World View. They encourage others to know what they believe and why they believe it. Together they have three sons: Benenaiah Jesus, Josiah Jesus and Micaiah Jesus. 

Pastor Koreena oversees Impact Creatives & H.I.S. Girls. Senior pastors Jesus and Koreena also oversee New Breed 4 Jesus, the Young Adults and they serve as the Senior Pastors of The Impact Center.