Kristen Ziegler

I was born on November 18, 1981 in Chamberlain South Dakota to Victor Roy Ziegler Sr. and Melanie Ziegler. I am Lakota/Dakota enrolled in the Crow Creek Sioux Tribe and grew up on the lower Brule Reservation. My mother’s reservation Lakota and my father’s reservation Crow Creek Reservation Dakota.

I grew up with a Godly foundation with the word of God being taught in our home. My Mother’s mother, Julia Yellowrobe was the first to be born-again in our family and she prayed her children and grandchildren into the kingdom of God.

I attended a private Weslyan School on the Crow Creek Reservation located in Fort Thompson when I was a child. It was there that I was further educated spiritually and academically.

I currently reside on the lower Brule Reservation where I care for my 104 year old grandmother full time.