Renee Harward

My name is Renee Harward I am a mother of 8, wife, and daughter. I serve a mighty God who has carried me through the good and the hard times. Prayer has been my strong hold when things get too much for me to handle. Praying help me remember that I am not the one in control, and it helps calm the storm raging around and within me. God’s peace comes through prayer.

My husband and I sold everything we owned and gave my business away to move from Fayetteville to Hickory a year ago to help my dad and are in the process of finding where God wants to use us in ministry. So at this time we are waiting on God for our next great adventure.

I have had the opportunity to serve in dance ministry, children and youth ministry, home groups, discipleship, and other local missions. At this time I am caregiver and business owner for my dad. I can honestly say this has been the most challenging ministry/job. It requires a lot of grace and a lot of patience. One Day at a time is about all I can do and a lot of prayer to get me from one day to the next.

My life is a constant rollercoaster right now, where and I am being attacked from all sides. Areas that I thought were secure no longer are. The house I live in was full of demonic spirits when we moved in, so we began cleaning house physically and spiriturally, with the help of some great friends. But you know satan never goes down without a fight. He has been attacking my children and grandchildren, they were raised in a word Holy Spirit filled church and all accepted Christ, but have allowed the world to seep into their view of who God is. I have talked to them but they no longer hear me when I talk about God.

So I lift them up to God and ask Him to send someone they will listen to or do Whatever it takes to bring them back to Him. Yes, (whatever it takes) better for them to go through negative consequences whether it be finances, sickness, or loss than to spend eternity in Hell. I am after saving their souls and not making their life easy. So I lift them up in prayer to Him and leave it in His hands. After all He is the Creator, Author, and Savior of all. I speak Life over them (Eternal Life).