Richelle Garcia

Richelle is from the Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma and is the daughter of the well-known Evangelist Geri Darby of the Darby Indian Singers. The Darby Indian Singers were the first Native American Gospel singers on The Hee Haw Show and The Grand Ole Opry. They have also traveled with A.A. Alan and R.W. Shambach to mention a few.

Richelle is a direct descendant of Hunting Horse, the last scout of General Custer.

Prophet Richelle is the Senior Pastor and Prophet of The Impact Center, founded in 2014. She teaches others to get off of the rollercoaster of life, being doubleminded, and to get stable and solid in their walk with God. She always encourages others to study the life of Christ because He is the perfect of example to follow.

There are seven foundational core pillars that TIC lives by and teaches: Submission, Obedience, Humility, Integrity, Honor, Unity and Love. True to what is preached, Prophet Richelle lives her life and has built her character around these foundational pillars.

In July of 2016, Richelle was ordained and commissioned as Pastor through Breakthrough Church. Later in September of 2017, Richelle was ordained as Prophet through Glory of Zion International/Global Spheres.

Richelle is currently a Native American Music Awards Nominee for two original songs that she has written which includes Victory Highway for the Best Christian Song of the Year and No More Trail of Tears for the Best Single of the Year.

She is happily married to Ray Garcia, Apostle of The Impact Center. Ray and Richelle have three children: Joshua Lee, Elijah Ray and his wife Sheridan Garcia, and Koreena Raychelle, and her husband Jesus Velazquez. In addition, they have two granddaughters, Avah Grace and Dani Ann and four grandsons, Axel Ray, Benenaiah Jesus, Josiah Jesus and Micaiah Jesus. They also have many spiritual sons & daughters.